“SAMVEDNA” heartily “Welcomes” all the esteemed employers who felt to feel the “Sensation” of this community.

My esteemed employer, yours is a well known organization having vast networking system with many personnel working at different level in different categories. Would it be possible for your Organization to offer a Job prospects, identified for placement specifically for “Persons with disABILITIY” and include at least one or if possible some of our candidates as your organizational family member and Honour them with a designation, then this would be a great “AWARD” Honoured to a “Persons with Disabilities as well as Humanity too.

“SAMVEDNA” strongly advocated integration and inclusion of “Persons with Disabilities” into Society for their financial self-sufficiency.

‘SAMVEDNA” aim is to stand side by side, strengthen and empower “Physically Challenged Persons”, who have no other forms of support in Society, to develop necessary skills and thereby enable them to live an independent life.

“SAMVEDNA” is dedicated to People with Disabilities. If you’re not familiar with the new definition of “what is a Disabilities” read more about (THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES – 1996 ACT)

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Become a disabled-friendly company BY …………………

1.Inculcating a positive attitude
2.Reserving a percentage of jobs
3.Including Disabilities in the Mission Statement
4.Formalizing a policy
5.Being accessible
6.Providing appropriate aids/technology/attendants to support disabled
7.Extending certain extra benefits
8.Not denying promotion
9.Creating a safe working environment
10.Conducting regular orientation programs
11.Stocking the latest information in the library
12.Providing opportunity for training
13.Furnishing credit and support
14.Being a marketing outlet
15.Sub-contracting/outsourcing activities
16.Participating in awareness-raising campaigns
17.Acting as a role model
18.Providing consultancy services to NGOs
19.Funding/sponsoring/donating to NGOs

“SAMVEDNA” convey YOUR ORGANISATION a word of “THANKS” for understanding the “SAMVEDNA” and realizing the hopes and aspiration of disABLE PERSONS and intended to extend your kind hands for the noble cause by supporting us as a “SATHHI” in our Endeavour of Assisting dis-ABLE COMMUNITY to LEAD LIVES WITH HONOUR, RESPECT & DIGNITY. Thanks once again to stand with “SAMVEDNA” Sensation in enriching this global humanity.
Your act of empathy for SOCIO-ECONOMIC upliftment has boosted our moral, is worth appreciable, which will help dis-ABLE PERSONS in discovering his/her ability, exposing their potentials & equipping them accordingly to achieve new Identity and cross over the world of Disabilities to Different ability as a “DIFFERENTLY ABLED PERSONALITY”.

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