” He who is able to sacrifice his time for another, is HE who will have countless blessings because in efforts, a helping hand is a blessed one.”

” Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”


Here are few ways how you can help:
1. By purchasing consumable items, commodities and articles from self-employed “Differently able community” only and thus enable them to earn their livelihood.
2. By awarding job work to “Differently able Professional of different field such as Electrician, Carpenter, Tailor, Contractor, Engineer, Caterer, Musician, Printer, Painter, Electronic appliance/automobile/electrical repairer, computer hardware/software engineer, Lawyer, Agent etc.
3. Make a Donation of the 500+ and change a life of this community today!
4. Join in to one of the growing online “SAMVEDNA” Communities:
5. Spread the Word

• If you have a website of your own… than put up a banner or a widget OF “SAMVEDNA” on your site, which will help your visitors as well as “Persons with disABILITY” to find us AND avail the prospect of “Job Opportunities”, “Matrimony” and “Laws” assisting them.

• If you use email to keep in touch for work and home… then add a message advocating “INTEGRATION AND INCLUSION OF “PERSONS WITH disABILITY” INTO SOCIETY FOR THEIR FINANCIAL SELF SUFFICIENCY” to your signature line and spread the word among your associates, clients, friends, family and colleagues.


• Assist us in locating/identifying Offices, Firms, Institutions, Production Units, Companies, Factories, Malls, Multiplex, Corporate etc. in your area or where one or more “Persons with disABILITY” could be Honoured to acquire placement.
• Assist us in finding individuals who can sponsor “SAMVEDNA” benevolent activities.
• Assist us in identifying Trusts & Foundations who could support us.
• Assist us in tying up with established Brands (for e.g., a part of profit made by selling certain product/service can be donated).
• Assist us explore the possibility of tying up with Multinational Banks – Credit / Debit Cards(e.g.: converting reward points into donations).
• Assist us in setting up charity shop.
• Assist us in procuring Self employment kits to enable “Persons with disABILITY” to establish their livelihood.
• Assist us in identifying rich & famous personalities who can avail 100% Tax exemption if they donate to us.
• Assist us in identifying new donors


1. Institutions and professionals to come forward and assist “Persons with disABILITY” in developing necessary skills related to “Personality development” and “Employment”
2. Companies to join our mentor program for design collateral, graphics, develop software and websites for our projects.