“SAMVEDNA” Ideology is based on five “Ss” i.e. “SERVICE”, “SINCERITY”, “SACRIFICE”, “SUPPORT” AND “SUCCESS”.

“SAMVEDNA” is contributing efforts and devoting services, dedicated towards improving the standard of living of “PERSONS WITH disABILITY” of OUR SOCIETY by assisting them to achieve sustainable economic and social development.
“SAMVEDNA” does not believe in shredding tears or flourish in charity for aids and appliances but we collectively believe in “EMPOWERING” them through employment or self-employment and share their “VEDNA”(pain) having SAME+VEDNA = “SAMVEDNA”.
1) “SAMVEDNA” mainly devotes service on livelihood of “Persons with disABILITIES”
2) Searching employment opportunities for those who are educated, skilled, talented, and experienced personnel. Provide manpower to employer based on their requirement/profile.
3) Organize Job Fair for providing mass opportunity for job seekers.
4) Create resources for conducting self-employment i.e. provide tools, equipment or kits with which they could earn and live life smoothly.
5) As a “SOCIAL BOLIGATION”, assist this people in searching life mate i.e. “JEEVAN SATHI”
6) Organize “Life mate Selection Fairs” i.e. Provide a platform to mass people for searching life mate.
7) Work towards raising awareness in appropriate forums about various issued affecting “Persons with disABILITIES”. “SAMVEDNA” intends to act as a network for various workers, volunteers and governmental / non-governmental Organizations.
8) Provide aids and appliances to utmost needy “Persons with disABILITIES”
9) Provide educational aid to poor.
10) Provide a platform for Sports activities i.e. indoor and outdoor games.
11) Provide a platform for cultural activities i.e.to expose their hidden talent.
12) People normally opt to give charity but that is like the famous saying, “you give a fish and you feed for a day but you teach to fish and you feed for a lifetime” and that is what exactly SAMVEDNA wants to do and is doing.
And thus the sixth “S” added now is “SKILL". SAMVEDNA is working towards providing skill trainings to those differently able and eager to learn so as to support their future.

SAMVEDNA works towards Empowering the challenged to venture independently and believes “Disability is an art and an ingenious way to Live” – Neil Marcus. As “strength does not come from Physical Capacity, but rather comes from Indomitable Will” – Mahatma Gandhi.

So Support us and our efforts with your kindness because “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can see” – Mark Twain.